i aM ARt by Liberty Bwanali @libertymusic … NEW ALBUM , MAY 2015.

i aM ARt

New Album by Liberty Bwanali … On Itunes @libertybwanali




Liberty Bwanali aka @LibertyMusic  have created a foundation to strive towards his goals to be successful with the soulful sound of Hip Hop and dancehall , which currently  his music is a super success according to his fans and those who knows him in the social media world.  To begin to know who Liberty Bwanali is, his bio tells it all as follows :

” In South Africa he works together with well-known DJs like Leo Large, Wilson Chifike and Bolands Finest. Further with international artists, like Jusa Dementor, Abra Simz (USA) and DJ Spinalong (Canada). Jusa Dementor produced the beats for Liberty`s hit songs „Zim Champ“, „Harare Hustler“ and „Jihaad“ which are making waves around the world.  From December 2010 to January 2011, Liberty rocked stages in Switzerland and Germany. In summer 2011, he returned to Germany for his 2nd tour and performed as a Special LIVE Act at the Gwaan Cheezy Event in Bielefeld alongside Dynablaster. Liberty has created a large following of his music in Germany throughout his two successful tours.

Liberty performed Live at the Miss Zimbabwe beauty pageant that was hosted in Germany in September 2011.Germany http://www.miss-zimbabwe.de/ alongside one of Africa’s MultiAward Winner Jusa Dementor. Apart from music Liberty is also involved with NGO’s such as Kuyasa Empowerment (SA), Global Unity and Harmony (UK), Care for African Kids (Uganda) and AminaCare which will be launched in Zimbabwe (2012).

Liberty was invited at the University of Stellenbosch to speak to various kids from all over Western Cape by Babson Business Graduate College about his struggle, business and staying committed to his dream and working hard to achieve that dream. “



As a child he always wanted to be a doctor; when asked then he always thought a doctor is just medicinal; Now that he is grown Mr. Bwanali realized he is a Doctor. Dr in Music a genre which Liberty been cleaning ever since Hip-Hop got infected by disease called fake and selfish attitudes an infectious people’s ego. Doctor in Sound as he understand the sound and how beautiful sound can be if fused right with the right elements of making #Goodmusic some Genres he mixes and Rap/Sing to includes House, RnB, Hip-Hop, Dub step, Pop, Dancehall & Reggae
Known around the World for great music; Liberty Bwanali AKA Libertymusic also Toured Europe in 2010 and 2011 visiting and performing in Countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Holland together with International Djane Miss DJ Diamond ( Born in brazil migrated to Switzerland) with a huge impact and a successful turnout on their European tours.
Soon to be Doctor in Technology as Liberty keeps challenging his brain to work with and fix Computers, Gadgets and Technology with also their problems.
“Apple Mac Computers are my inspiration as they built to challenge and help the brain grow; Liberty said; Understanding its functions, protocol and system helped me with also knowing how to fix its problems both Software and soon hardware related problems; The Vision is my brain will help built a life which will take people into Heaven or that life known and approved to be perfect.”
Windows based Computers are easier and fun to fix or solve its network problems as Liberty Bwanali is a big XP fan till Windows 7, Vista was an unfinished project he says; Windows 8 is hidden windows 7 with the LUMIA interface on the Outline. Knowing all this is helping him understand his objective is to try create a better World evolving within the Art & technology and also mastering the ART with the Help of GOD always and his good people witnessing and helping to the cause.

On Google Liberty Bwanali also verified as a Zimbabwean International Artist together with his academic achievements, world and also his career achievements. “My Wish is going back to the University of Stellenbosch getting degrees & in paper become a real Life Doctor. Mama had a dream; I had the same dream; Let the light shine up on us. Success is coming or already bestowed in our hands; just ask God to show you the vision, so I see the vision future perfect.”

2010 – 2019, Degree (BSc Applied Math’s & Computer Science), Institution: STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY


2007 – 2008, Certificate (A+ & N+), Institution: I.T INTELLECT (Brynstan Fourways Johannesburg)

2005 – 2006, Certificate (Waitering, Catering & Tourism), Institution: Five Star College (Johannesburg)

2000 – 2003, Certificate (High School Education + Islam Religion), Institution: IQRA DARUL ILM (HARARE)

1993 – 2000, Certificate (Primary School), Institution: KUREDZA PRIMARY SCHOOL (Kadoma)
Physics – Math’s – Computer Science – Probability & Stats – Scientific Communication – Computer Skills
Business – Industrial Psychology – Theory of Interest – Music Theory

2004 Liberty Bwanali Founded Libertymusic while jumping the border into SOUTH AFRICA with hopes to find a better life; after hard struggle, pain, poverty and questions Liberty found the answers into the future he is building and the World with many living in; Liberty said. “Its amazing living knowing im contributing to how the World is functioning right and slowly regaining LIFE with honor and Dignity, I see and am living in heaven on earth”.

Company: Wish Wireless Networks (Stellenbosch, Cape Town)
Date 2010

“Awarded with not only a JOB but a gateway into Heaven on earth, knowledge and also respect in the World mostly my Country and Cape Town in Stellenbosch to be specific amongst those who see and experience my work; The streets give me much respect and ask for advice, get their work done by me knowing and trusting I am qualified not just by talking but also showing results in the I.T Technology World posing as a Technician fixing both technical and Math’s applied Problems.”

Same Year 2010 Liberty Bwanali became the 1st in his City and one of the few to attend the best University in AFRICA according to his experience and knowledge gathered at STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY. “Im rated and also being compared to greats in my career and line of work with the help of STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY; Liberty said.”
“Channeled me with the right people, gave me the right and proper education with room for arguments and truth if somehow false is being portrayed as truth; Travelled parts of the World as an Artist but also representing my University, Continent and Countries both SOUTH AFRICA & ZIMBABWE; Liberty said.”
2014 Liberty Bwanali AKA @Libertymusic is back with a new album, the album is a Dancehall oriented with a hip hop flow making the rhythm unique, original and amazing to listen and dance to.

The album titled #NOZHI in Shona slang, English means DOLLAR. It’s marking the return of The African Emperor on the Beats, while he rapping the musical flow is genius. In addition Libertymusic just made a House oriented Hip-hop and dancehall remixing his own music adding instrumentals and beats from South African female DJ Cindo with 7tracks remixed, mixed and mastered by Liberty Bwanali as an appreciation. The Mix tape consists of 8 tracks and the Album consisting of 6 Tracks. It’s our way to say South Africa let’s dance, celebrate and honor these moments, papa Madiba died wanting us all to be 1 and this music is a dedication to Unity, Peace and Love.

2011 – 2013 7 Live TV appearances; in Total 8 adding the 2013 GOOD MORNING ZIMBABWE interview speaking to the Country and letting them know about his existence, dreams, goals, purposes and why it’s amazing having them (people) all step of the way as Fans, Family and Friends as he walk, talk and live the dream

2013 Libertymusic was guest Artists at the REDBULL STELLENBOSCH vs. UCT Campus Clash which was held at THE TERRACE in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Also given or awarded gold tickets from Redbull to go see Snoop Lion (AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP ARTIST formally known as SNOOP DOGG) Live in Concert held at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town.

2012 Libertymusic also staged with Jamaican INTERNATIONAL DANCEHALL ARTIST MAVADO at the Chitungwiza Complex; also making an appearance with headlines around Zimbabwe and the World at the Press Conference which was held at SHERATON HOTEL in Harare, Zimbabwe.

2011 in Zimbabwe Libertymusic was HOSTING ENTERTAINMENT for 2weeks at the Cricket 20/20 national Series which featured International Starts such as Chris Gayle (West Indies), Andre Nel (South Africa), and Dirk Nanes (Australia). “Not only did we perform but also got to speak and interact with the stars Zimbabwe had blessed the Country with” Liberty said. “Special Thanks to ALISTAIR CAMPBELL, DOMINUS SPORT and the ZIMBABWE CRICKET BOARD for the opportunities.”

2011 Liberty Bwanali was verified also approved by Zimbabwe as their International Artist making Country Headlines in main Daily Papers, Weekend papers, TV Programs and including the main news together Radio.

2010 & 2011 by PUBLIC demand made two EUROPEAN TOURs Appearances visiting places such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Bielefeld, and Bonn, cologne in Germany and in Switzerland managed to visit and perform in places such as Davos, Winterthur, Schaffhausen and Zurich

2010 – 2014 Signing of Artists to the label Libertymusic and successfully producing Debut Albums for Tim Whitt (Libertymusic Records AMERICAN Artist), Philip Likando AKA PhilClee1hunna ( Libertymusic Records Namibian Artist), Blessing Bwanali AKA Code Baller ( Libertymusic Records Zimbabwean Artist)

Work Experience
Dates: 2010 – Present, Job Title: Computer Technician
Company: Wish Wireless Networks
Description of job responsibilities
Setting up Wireless and LAN internet connections Software and debugging.
Running virus scans removing Trojans and Worm related issues. Development, ideas and client on call Nerd.
Learning more about repairs and networking with the help of IAN, Wynand, Coenrad and Justin with also the best management…

Dates: 2010, Job Title: Computer Technician
Company: Stellenbosch University
Description of job responsibilities
Setting up Wireless & LAN internet connections Software and virus debugging.
Running virus scans, Trojans and Worm related issues. Learning more about repairs and networking from other colleagues.

Dates: 2011 – Present, Job Title: Clothing Line Designer
Company: Cornerstone Skate & Surf Shop
Description of job responsibilities
Designing Branded Libertymusic clothes and merchandize to be advertised and sold in the shop.
Artist with room to create anything new and trending for the New and Old generation to portray and tell the story of Our/My World the way I experience, see and live it.

Dates: 2012 – Present, Job Title: Student Ambassador
Company: Scoot café
Description of job responsibilities
Marketing selling and advertising Dahon Folding Bikes, LML Scooters and Vespa’s also raising awareness amongst the student and local society of Stellenbosch.
The funny side of cruising, meditating and feeling good is controlled and arranged by Liberty Bwanali with the help of Trevor & Alison Snyman who are the Owners of Scoot café Stellenbosch.

Dates: 2010 – Present, Job Title: Founder/Chef
Company: Freedom 2EAT (Home Made Fresh African & World Meals)

Description of job responsibilities
Structuring the foundation and giving roles or creating roles to the participants; chefs and those who are involved with the Freedom 2EAT organization. It’s a homemade delivery service which I created to save lives of those living in diaspora with difficult in finding work and means to survive. Feed a nation and you are the richest person on Earth is my motto with the organization.
Hoping in the future we get to farming, Building cafes and doing more with the project; im just glad the idea is already in motion. Freedom 2EAT is the Sister community and world healing focus to Amina-Care Foundation which iv started on behalf of my Mother Chenjuwaga Amina Bwanali.

Dates: 2010 – Present, Job Title: Founder/Artist/Producer
Company: Libertymusic International
Description of job responsibilities

Bringing and creating the movie which people are walking, talking about and living when listening to Libertymusic. In charge of the Music Production, Collaborations, Marketing and Advertising, Song Mixing & Mastering, Events Organizing, AnR amongst many other jobs I do within Libertymusic. Best Description I am Liberty Bwanali the Producer at Libertymusic.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Computer technician as Kuyasa Empowerment Horizon which was then known as Kuyasa Foundation which is based in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch which can be located in the Western Cape/ Cape Town. Assisting students and locals from the local community with their work, answering questions they might have regarding Technology and Arts.
At Kuyasa I was more an inspiration to the youth with dreams they hoping one day see succeed.
Also Liberty is involved with Global Unity & harmony (U.K), CFAK (Care for African Kids, UGANDA) and Amina-Care (Zimbabwe).
In addition im volunteering to educating, inspiring, leading and singing for ma World; the streets is my witness as I tell and live the story of Once a Slave to King; Born from heaven in Hell on my way back to Heaven and a Rags to Riches Story with blood money but my hands are clean attitude. Success is what I acquire and with God I shall have it; says Liberty.

Creating Music, Reading, Meditation, Music Performance, Video Directing & Producer, Laughing & Happiness
Cricket, Soccer & Basketball all played at a University level. Liberty participated at the University Of Stellenbosch in Cape Town.

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Liberty Bwanali AKA @libertymusic


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